Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Brittany + Sean are now hitched!!!

As promised!  Here are some images that caught my eye when skimming through all the yummy images for Brittany & Sean.

I met these guys for their engagement session last summer.  We stopped at an empty lot someone had dumped an old couch at for our first shots.  We'd hardly met when I had them climbing onto this awful nasty couch to jump off holding hands.  They were troopers and I knew right there we would get along very well.  Brittany makes me smile whenever we talk.

These images are definitely worth looking at all of them for those blog skimmers out there!

One of my favorite things about Brittany is her absolute open self when she is comfortable with you and in a small group, but how absolutely shy she is as the center of attention.   As a bride, you just can't escape everyone looking at you.  :-)  I have quite a few shots of them with her head tucked down just a bit down & to the side with lowered eyes and a great smile.  In this shot, they were doing their grand entrance into the reception.
Cantrell May10_1316

It's all the little details that help tell the story. Brides hire a photographer specifically for our ability to connect with the bride, tell her story & the love of the photographers photographic style. Brittany & Sean definitely took great care to incorporate Sean's Irish heritage with all the little details.  Brittany loved the sparkly detail in her veil.
Cantrell May10_1022

Rings with a Celtic design.
Cantrell May10_1385

An awesome bagpipe player who has been learning his craft since the age of 18!

Cantrell May10_1085

Beautiful flowers and a cake styled with the color in her dress.
Cantrell May10_1370

All the girls had a great time helping Brittany get into her dress.  Everyone was giggling by the time her dress was zipped up.
Cantrell May10_1011

Sean was looking for his bride with full intent.
Cantrell May10_1099

Cantrell May10_1125

Brittany looked up just for a moment to see him as she made her way down the isle.
Cantrell May10_1130

Cantrell May10_1169

Cantrell May10_1190

There is always something so special about mom and daughter shots.  The love always shows.
Cantrell May10_1065

Cantrell May10_1079

Cantrell May10_1047

Cantrell May10_1252

Love this shot!!!
Cantrell May10_1266

And love the satisfaction in Brittany's face as they are showing off the rings.
Cantrell May10_1298

My favorite spot around her grandmothers house.  The trees and grass were perfect.
Cantrell May10_1292

Then we found the grape vines.  It's such a delightfully romantic spot.
Cantrell May10_1392

And where you can have fun with no prying eyes.  Well, as long as you don't count the camera with the bossy girl behind it...  ;-)
Cantrell May10_1397

Cantrell May10_1405

So happy together.
Cantrell May10_1408

OK.  This has GOT to be the best bouquet toss ever!!  No, really.  Do you see all the people.  Look at how is moving their hands to go catch.  Now, look over the the right at the cane.  Got it?
Cantrell May10_1500

Here it comes!  There are two main contenders from what I can see.  Do you think it's going to be a fight?  They both look pretty determined.
Cantrell May10_1503

Cantrell May10_1504

Notice she isn't taking her hand off even though grandma is definitely giving her the eye letting her know she will be holding onto it!
Cantrell May10_1506

OK.  Lets just hug & laugh.  Grandma definitely kept a hold of it.  She is also quite the flirt.
Cantrell May10_1510

The reception was great with even the smallest guests enjoying the socializing, food, dancing and spectating.
Cantrell May10_1554

One of Guy's great shots of the day!  He is sneaky with his shots when no one thinks he is taking images.   Great candids and great artistic stuff.
Cantrell May10_1471

One of my faves!  Brittany may be shy in large groups, but she is a feisty fun girl.  Sean picked a clear winner in her.  She also picked a clear winner in him!
Cantrell May10_1411


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