Monday, May 31, 2010

Last week was very busy with sessions & a wedding

I was going to include the wedding sneak peek too, but I think it will be better as it's own special post!

This shot is such a good visual of kids.  They are interesting, colorful, cute, funny, curious & everything else.  I can't wait to show off Gracie's enchanting smile.  She was so much fun to shoot.
Wilson May10_1040

This series is for all the parents out there!  One of my favorite things to say is, "Kids are an exercise in patience."  When parents leave a photo session they often only remember if their children are doing what cute Cora is here in the first three shots.  What I get is the last three shots of perfection!  These shots all took place in a short 3-5 minutes.
Lavine May10_1040

The funny part her is the hat wasn't what was bothering her.  It was just a way she could express herself at that moment.  As soon as the hat was off she wanted it back on....
Lavine May10_1038

Lavine May10_1039

She has the cutest dimples.
Lavine May10_1041

Love this.  My new hat really isn't in very many images, but it sure made the sneak peeks.
Lavine May10_1045

Love this interactive shot of toddlerness.
Lavine May10_1046

I think this is my favorite spot this year.  The light was gorgeous!  This shot is gorgeous!  I love their expressions and interaction here.  I would make this a HUGE wall portrait in my living room or bedroom.
Howell May10_1026

Atlantic Beach was great!  There was so much there with the great sand, dunes, pier and Fort Macon!  Future beach sessions will definitely be over there.  Let me know if you are interested in a beach session.  Right now I am booking for August 6th and 7th with several spots still available.
Rogers May10_1002

Isn't this adorable?  Wanna know something?....
Rogers May10_1034

The night before Ava spent most of it at urgent care & very grumpy sleepless night with a huge canker like sore under her tongue.  She was a wonderful trooper giving us glimpses of her normal self with great smiles.  When she was feeling clingy and bad I grabbed this beautiful shot.  Her eyes speak so much of the pain she is feeling and the comfort she is receiving from mommy.  As a mom it is so special to have my children want me specifically for comforting cuddles.  I know Emily will treasure this image of her holding Ava.
Rogers May10_1024


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