Thursday, July 9, 2009

A few new cards for you to look at

I'm in LOVE with designing. It is so much fun. I always imagined I would seriously suck at it too, but with a little inspiration from the web it is so much fun. There are so many great ideas out there where I think it would be soooo cool to design something JUST like it. Thankfully, even if I think I want exactly what someone else has my designs come out different from theirs with my own personal look and feel. Life just keeps getting better and better!

Here is an example of a card I made up this week that would work well for so many things like an invitation, baby announcement or personal thank you cards.
Birdi 2 sided card Blog showcase

My senior reps needed a new card for the new year. They both gave out a ton of cards the last week of school. Now it's time to load them up for the new year! Here is the front of the two sided card.
Senior rep horiz circles front Alyssa web

Senior rep horiz circles front Courtney web

And here is the back.
Senior rep horiz circles price web

By the way. I should have the new family/newborn & wedding prices available to post very soon. So far everyone seems to like the new prices better then the old ones. If you have an appointment booked with the old rates and would like to use the new ones just let me know.

The old rates had the full digital negatives included in the price. The new rates have a digital share copy of your photos and a credit towards products included in the price. Most people are letting me know the love the new rate structure because they would rather their money go towards prints & other products then towards the full digital negatives. The digital share copies are for digital use only such as blogs, Facebook, websites & MySpace. It is OK to get a book printed of your blog with the digital share images posted in your blog posts. That is the only printing allowed with them. Let me know if you want a more detailed review of the new rates prior to them being published!

And because I can't resist adding these cool save the date two sided card for you to look at!
Brittany&Sean Save the date side 1 email

Brittany&Sean Save the date side 2 web


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