Thursday, April 8, 2010

Sneak Peaks from 4 recent sessions

I am almost caught up to a normal pace after doing six sessions in one week a month ago.  Since every week after that week had a full or a little over full schedule of new sessions it has been tough.  I have managed to stick to my policy of getting the proofs ready within three weeks on all sessions.    This is mostly due to my fabulous husband & wonderful friends.  My husband because he is all about watching our kids.  My friends because they haven't gotten mad at me for completely mostly ignoring them.

Creating these wonderful images for my family, friends & clients is a privilege.  I am grateful every day for the abilities Heavenly Father has given me along with my determination to learn and grow.  There really is nothing better then walking into a house to find images I have taken displayed so lovingly in their home.  What has happened in the last few years with Facebook is just as cool.  It is like a trip down memory lane for me to relive and enjoy the time I've spent with people when I see the images from our session used as their profile picture.

Blogging takes a long time to prepare and publish...  For example, this post has taken me a couple of hours tonight since the images had to be edited, prepared for web, uploaded & the text prepared.  I contemplated going to a Facebook only posting since most people are now on Facebook, but I do think this blog is important.  So, I will most likely be blogging once a week from now on with some comments and a sneak peak.  I will also be posting a feature on a business I love and recommend about once every two weeks.  Definitely become a fan of Lifelong Impressions on Facebook.  I am updating so much there as well as showing off loads of images from my recent shoots.

Speaking of my Feature Businesses, I am so excited to be sharing my favorite realtors of all time with you very soon.  Having worked in the real estate industry and done my fair share of real estate transactions I know a great realtor when I see one.  You will not be disappointed.  If you cannot wait for my feature, because you need a realtor right away, in the Raleigh metro area, please comment or email me so I can give you the information.

Now onto the sneak peaks!

{This text and sneak peak removed}

A maternity session with one of the coolest green settings I've been to in a while. We went to a nursery nearby. It was lush green all around with many interesting textures and ponds everywhere. Little Kayla has amazing coloring with both an amazing smile and an amazing serious look.
LI Blog Apr08 10 2

You'll never guess what's in the next belly!  Hmmmm, yeah, you probably got it.  TWINS!!  Boy/girl twins no less.  I think having twins as your first children is way cool.  You don't know what it is like to have only one, and you also aren't usually in a hurry to have the next one.  For those like me who have an unhealthy fear of being an only child, it takes all the stress away.  Anyway, I got off track.  We went to Lake Benson park on a chilly evening when the trees were all full of flowery blooms.  After the session we got to gabbing for at least 30 minutes.  I think Melissa went home completely exhausted from standing so long.
LI Blog Apr08 10 1

And now, for a really cool bridal shot.  We found some great locations out driving around for a nice varied look to her shoot.  I even have a shot I'll share later.  Brittany was cringing, yelping & shielding herself from one of the enormous pesky bugs out that evening at twilight.  Luckily they were only at a couple of the 10 spots we used at the three locations.    This is one of my favorite shots from the day.  I love the rustic location, her sitting on tires, the pose & especially the little hint of a smile as she contemplates her upcoming big event.  We are going to have a great time on May 22nd.  
LI Blog Apr08 10 3


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