Friday, April 16, 2010

Babies in a tub, lolling under a tree & pure joyful love!

Well, you'll have to wait to see the babies in a tub!  lol  Gotcha.  But here are the cutest little toes from Ryan's 3 month shoot.
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So, the kids & I were out shopping at Lowe's this morning with Guy's parents when we all realized we were super hungry.  Luckily there was a Wendy's right across the street.  Towards the end of our meal I saw an adorable couple walk in.  They would be fantastic in front of my camera, yeah, totally!   They were being so lovey dovey, and she noticed me looking at them.  You could see the whisper happen as she told him I was watching them.  He looks over trying to be covert.  Obviously, I was busted!  What did I do?  Oh, just dug out a card from my wallet, and proceeded to make a total goob of myself giving it to them...  I said they were adorable & I'd love to photograph them.  Hey, at least they took it.  But if they call I'll have some seriously amazing photos to share with you all!!!

Here is the image I removed from the last set of sneak peaks.  I had almost forgotten they wanted to approve the images before the sneak was posted.  These two families are part of a large extended family shoot I did down at the beach.  We used the beach buildings the last glorious moments of direct sunlight and the super soft light just after the sun 'sets'.  We had a great time.   And who doesn't love more twins!!!   Yes, I am sooooo partial to multiples.  As a kid up to a young adult I often would dream fondly of having a twin brother.
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I have known of this next family for a long time.  We have never gotten to know each other.  Now I know why!  They are the shy family.  Everyone is a bit {lot} shy.  Mom is a big competitor when it comes to sports & games.  The kids just couldn't resist my way out there personality for long.  We also got to have fun with balloons in some of the family shots.  In this shot everyone was settling in for the next pose, but I think the getting ready itself is a bit magical.
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Pure Joyful Love!  I'm sure there will be a time they are driving mom and dad absolutely crazy, but they will be able to remember and see this image.  There is actually a series of three that are all this adorable.  They would look great up on the wall in a storyboard.
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Lisa and company April 16, 2010 at 9:06 PM  

you may only be able to give us sneak peaks from now on with how busy you are becoming! Love all the pictures!

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