Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Families & bugs

Lately I've seen cool, interesting and HUGE bugs on photo shoots. This one below is the most colorful of the lot. The biggest one was an enormous brown spider by my foot, followed by an equally enormous brown spider by Blake's foot the other day. Yikes. For some reason having a camera in my hand makes me way more adventurous and comfortable in any situation then I'm naturally inclined to be.
SG Nov9 09 16

Couples friendship. It's an interesting concept. Have you ever noticed how incredibly hard it is as a couple to make friends with another couple? I mean real friends where everyone really likes and enjoys both of the other couple, and they feel exactly the same way about both of you. These guys have been one of the rare couple friendships we have found. Love it! Can't wait for our double movie date Monday afternoon. Grandma & grandpa were visiting so they got to be in a few shots. After four boys along came baby Manon.
SG Nov8 09 10

They all piled in the play set for this last family shot. Kim absolutely loves the happy faces of her parents here.
SG Nov8 09 9

Do you think this cute little girl is dotted upon by her brothers?
SG Nov8 09 8

I first met these guys when I invited myself and the kids over to their house last Thanksgiving {another story}. We had a great time with them. The funny thing was when I asked who the extra boy was since they had three boys. Nope. They had four!
SG Nov8 09 7

This little cutie looks just like her big brother. They are both adorable.
SG Nov8 09 6

Ah, the mirror was so much fun!
SG Nov8 09 5

This is the second October these guys have been in front of my lens. Last year we tooled around the park & this year we picked a cool field to use for our mini session.
SG Nov8 09 4

SG Nov8 09 3

SG Nov8 09 2

Such adorable kiddos! Love em.
SG Nov8 09 1


Andrew Bosley November 21, 2009 at 7:57 AM  

Those are such adorable kiddos :)! You did such a great job. Oh, and I absolutely adore the picture of Manon being held on the railing and the rest of the family looking right at her with pure joy. LOVE IT!

Lisa and company November 21, 2009 at 8:11 PM  

LOVE em!!!

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