Saturday, November 14, 2009

More October sitting goodness

First off just let me say how cool it was to have some of my stuff featured on the Savvy Photographer blog!!! Like, how stinkin cool is that?!?!

I had to upload the images prepared for this post again as I missed a crucial step {sharpening} needed for web presentation!

After a long drought in maternity sessions I've done two in the last two months. Yay, me! Both of them are people dear to me, and we are all waiting anxiously to meet these sweet babes. Melissa is a my friend because of photography. She was one of the three wonderful girls who earned mass credits towards their wedding photography back in my 'pretty much wedding photographer only' stage. It was at her wedding that we started to really become friends. Her and her husband were a little unsure of Guy as many people often are at first. One day he really got them giggling like school girls as he is more then capable of. That was it. Our friendship has been rock solid ever since. It isn't often you find friends as a couple where all four poeple totally dig each other.

Her Maddie is very excited about the baby. It was a bit weird having two kids called Maddy in the same house the two nights we stayed with them.
SG Nov10 09 3
Don't you just love the dog kissing her belly?

Ahhh, B&W is a great thing.
SG Nov10 09 2

Though I held out for a long time on the aged photo look, but both my clients and I love it. I still want to thank the two girls on the 4-wheeler who provided the great dust for the shot on the right! Lovely. Should an 8 month pregnant woman run just to catch the cool dust shot?
SG Nov10 09 4

My favorite. This perfectly shows Melissa's personality. Perfectly!
SG Nov10 09 1

SG Nov10 09 5

Her husband, Andy, thought the cotton field looked superimposed.
SG Nov10 09 6

These guys always get the coolest perfect cloud days for their shoots. All the moody clouds and peek a boo sun were fun to work with. They loved having their city as the background.
SG Nov9 09 13

I love incorporating things that are important to a family in their shoot. The journal writing and the stuffed dog are really important right now. Oh, he is all boy. If it's a typical boy thing he does it. Talk about adventuresome. Baby Paige is so sweet. Her mama calls her Sweet Baby Paige all the time. I love the nickname. The last shot of the four definitely captures her girly girl self that is very curious and does tomboy things.
SG Nov9 09 12

SG Nov9 09 14

This spot was so cool. I'd caught a glimpse of this bridge a few months ago. It was definitely a cool find.
SG Nov9 09 15

I think they like each other. I like photographing them.
SG Nov9 09 11

These last two are the images used to make a pocket accordion album. I love how this one came out.
SG Nov9 09 2

SG Nov9 09 1

Another of my wedding couples from years ago. The last time we saw them was just before Braxton was born. He is now a super cute and big three year old with loads of energy.
SG Nov9 09 7

The family shot here is perfect of them! Love it. We went out to dinner after the shoot. Tina was telling me about their main picture wall at home after I asked if they still used bold colors on the walls. They have a big picture of all of them making silly faces with a smaller picture of each of them around it sticking their tongue out. Love it! That is so something I would do. Nah, more likely it would be portraits of our feet. Oh wait, we already have that.
SG Nov9 09 6

Tina's favorite shot from the shoot.
SG Nov9 09 10

Again, B&W {especially a warm B&W} are especially yummy.
SG Nov9 09 8

I stood in the fountain to get this reaction from Brooklyn. I was doing my, "Wait, one more" repeated about 20 times towards the end. There just kept being cool stuff on the way back to the cars.
SG Nov9 09 9

I think this would make a great big gallery wrapped canvas.
SG Nov9 09 5

Adorable kids. The side of the big love sign was the cool red background.
SG Nov9 09 4

Ha ha! What are the odds some random display would have Slavery written on it? We had to do it, and they gave me the perfect faces!
SG Nov9 09 3


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