Monday, September 7, 2009

3 month old cutie

We decided this little one has the cutest baby booty ever! They traveled here all the way from Washington state to visit family and do their photo shoot. The other family who had their photos done by me inspired her to get them while they were here. I didn't talk to her or meet her at all prior to the shoot since her sister in law (Lisa - my biggest photography fan!) set everything up so I just came up with a location I liked. Lisa is convinced I have a spiritual gift for picking just the right location and style for each shoot. The location I picked here perfectly fit in with the family style! Mom has horses & loves the green and rustic look. She also loved the big piles of mulch we put him in! Sweet!

Every time I get a new accordion album sale I fall in love with these even more. There are so many options to personalize your photos in this great package. They can also be set on a shelf or desk to be on permanent display. Then when the mood strikes turn it around for a whole new look. I also can make these into a calendar for you. How many times have you needed to pull out a calendar quickly from your hand bag? With these you can get the calendar and a look at your awesome family! Accordion wallet albums are $15 each with a minimum order of 3.
SG Aug30 09 1

Every time I pass these hay bales I want to put a baby on them. He looks perfectly at home here. There are also a bunch of them across the street that would be fun to put a whole family scattered around on top of them with the large trees around them. Way fun.
SG Aug30 09 2

SG Aug30 09 6

The landscaping company had a trailer with a bit of hay in the back. The hay was perfect with her love of horses.
SG Aug30 09 3

Love both of these.
SG Aug30 09 8

They think he looks a little like a baby Jesus here. I love the different textures of mulch all around him. It came out as cool as I imagined when driving by.
SG Aug30 09 4

He has such big brown eyes. The crying shot is adorable.
SG Aug30 09 7

He was not having this. We think he was just too warm with the blankets around him.
SG Aug30 09 5

I love all of these. It would be impossible to pick one.
SG Aug30 09 9


Lisa and company September 7, 2009 at 8:54 PM  

From your number one fan thank you sooooo much. I miss you by the way you and the kiddos should come over and visit me sometime soon.
Jen got all her stuff and LOVES everything. She said the book was the MOST AMAZING thing ever and Tyrone is super happy with everything too. I told her to take a picture of the poster and send it to me. I am thinking about doing family pictures when Tyler is home on leave in October or around Thanksgiving. What does your schedule look like?

Fresh Mommy September 8, 2009 at 6:50 PM  

These are incredible! Love the location myself!! What a fun time with a sweet little guy!

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