Monday, August 24, 2009

So much to share - some for today

Lately I've been getting my creative on. I bought a sewing machine to make some clothes for the kids, mend items and make a sweet apron for myself. So far the kids have a few new things & I'm still looking for the perfect apron pattern. I've also been making baby props like hats, cocoons and blankets by knitting and crochet. Then there is the graffic design using Photoshop for all the cool products I offer.

Here are a few shots of Reagan's senior album that just came in & the coolest new item we offer. They are these adorable accordion wallet albums.

The album is one of the Standard series in a 12x12 inch size with amazing lay flat pages. It looks much better then I imagined it would look.
SG Aug25 09 2

One last shot of the album then the accordion album. The accordion album is perfect to keep in your handbag, diaper bag or desk drawer! It folds out showing off quite a few photos. It can hold up to 10 photos, but looks great with a few less and interesting design elements showing off your photos.
SG Aug25 09 3

Here are two of the hats I made. The top one is a toddler size with cute tails. The bottom hat is a newborn to 3 months hat with really long tails. I may cut them a bit shorter, but it looked really cute on baby Lily last week!
SG Aug25 09 1

Here is the shot of lilly in the infant hat. We got some really sweet and interesting shots from this family. I love their seriousness and goofiness. They have the perfect balance of both.
SG Aug24 09 2

Lily was very insistent on being held for most of her individual shots while she was awake.
SG Aug24 09 11

I did a lot of plays on coloring & texture with this shoot. All the backgrounds we found really seemed to call for it.
SG Aug24 09 3

I love the face she is making here.
SG Aug24 09 6

This building wasn't in the plan, but they really rocked it! I think the 70's vibe was inspired by some cool family shots of Brandon's family they have in their house.
SG Aug24 09 8

Baby Lily has the sweetest skin. Not many newborns have such perfect skin.
SG Aug24 09 10

Still lovin the old station. I had Lily all set up leaning on her dad's shoe and had just gotten to my prone spot on the ground to take the shot when a pesky bug was on her eyelashes. Hefting myself up and swatting (gently) at it made her a bit cranky. We could not get the shot again so I had to at least get one with her crying. It still came out cool & I love their concerned looks in the background.
SG Aug24 09 5

Amanda loves this old church which is great since I picked it out for a location to shoot at.
SG Aug24 09 9

There really is nothing more sweet and soft and calming then a sleeping baby. It makes everyone content and happy.
SG Aug24 09 1

We were just hanging out here when I took these shots. LOVE them. The one on the right is my favorite of the day.
SG Aug24 09 4

I think we could have stayed right here and gotten at least 10 more interesting shots. The last one on the bottom right is my second favorite of the day.
SG Aug24 09 7


Andrew Bosley August 25, 2009 at 6:49 AM  

Hey Shannon! Love the accordian album. Do you have the prices listed somewhere for the different albums?

LOVE seeing that sweet Lilly! What great joy she is bringing to those wonderful parents! I couldn't be more thrilled for them!

Amanda August 28, 2009 at 9:04 PM  

Wow!! could that baby be any sweeter. great job capturing that wonderful family.

MamaOtwins+1 September 3, 2009 at 10:21 PM  

I love the picture of the family of three up against the truck!

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