Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Irish triplets! oh my

Travis reminded me he still hadn't seen the photos from the sitting I borrowed the dollhouse he built. The owners of our local Garden Gate Cafe in Garner, NC have a teenage son, a 14 month old girl & new boy/girl twins! Talk about a lot of little people under age 2.

Here is they storyboard they ordered. She loves antiques and patterns so this background matches their home perfectly. The S & G Photography is only on here for sharing on the web.
SG Aug18 09 8

The dollhouse. It is now being happily used by Travis' niece. Thanks again for letting me use it!!! The twins fit in there perfectly. Big sister wasn't quite sure what to do with the babies yet.
SG Aug18 09 1

SG Aug18 09 2

He was wide awake for his turn in the cocoon turned into sling.
SG Aug18 09 3

She was out!
SG Aug18 09 4

The boys. Mom LOVED this shot.
SG Aug18 09 5

Sweet sleepy babies.
SG Aug18 09 6

I love how both of the babies were touching mom in these.
SG Aug18 09 7


Lisa and company August 19, 2009 at 11:40 PM  

oh my gosh!!!! I can't wait to show Travis these. Amazing!!! soooo cute!

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