Thursday, April 16, 2009

Three girls with spirit

I love trading! It is so fun to trade photography for goods and services. Usually it is for things I wouldn't let myself buy normally but would really like. I recently traded for painting my eat in kitchen & living room. They look fabulous. One of these days some photos of it will be taken and put on my blogs. If you are looking for someone to do painting for you she is fabulous. Ask me for her information.

This shoot is of Deia's oldest daughter and two of her friends. Ciara turned 13, and the shoot was part of her gift and party. Madison and Natalie showed up at their house with two suitcases each so they could consult and coordinate their wardrobe. They were all in super high spirits making them extra fun to work with.

My first idea is something I've been wanting to do for a while, but the time of day and weather wasn't really working for us so we moved onto other stuff. I have another family coming up we're going to be able to do it with though in May so I'm super excited. A couch in a field anyone?!?! Sounds like a fun time to me.

This was one of the only shots I was happy with from the first idea
Sobas April09 1004

This was the third photo from the shoot. Absolutely lovely. Whenever the first shots are this lovely you know the shoot is going to be an easy one. Most people need to work into a comfort in front of the camera.
Sobas April09 1003

Natalie can pull off about any outfit with her personality.
Sobas April09 1031

It's not often I use a chair as a prop, but this shot was definitely a hit.
Sobas April09 1037

It pays to be petite sometimes. We got to do some really fun things with Madison since she is so small.
Sobas April09 1041

They even got into their jammies for a few shots. Way fun. PILLOW FIGHT!
Sobas April09 1052

Sobas April09 1046

Sobas April09 1047

Sobas April09 1048

The funky mismatched outfits came next. How fun. Ciara is wearing the big girl tutu I made back in December. It works great on a teen/preteen.
Sobas April09 1056

This is one of my favorites from the day.
Sobas April09 1061

A little soft urban color on this one
Sobas April09 1062

This girl really can pull off any outfit and still look cute.
Sobas April09 1075

Simple shot with adorable results.
Sobas April09 1078

Sobas April09 1088

This one is my favorite from the day.
Sobas April09 1090

Great eyes
Sobas April09 1096

The brown and white is so great here.
Sobas April09 1099

Madison has a flare for drama, and we got a really big variety for her shots.
Sobas April09 1104

I like how contemplative and almost sad this shot looks.
Sobas April09 1105


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