Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Large families are cool

These guys have 8 kids in a modern world where most families may have 2. I love it. Guy is from a large family where he is the second youngest of 9. It is so cool to be in a large family. There is always someone for me to talk to and hang out with in any family gathering. There is also lots of support when someone is having a tough time.

These stairs worked great to get everyone scattered about, but together.
Edmond Mar09 1039

The girls
Edmond Mar09 1060

And the guys
Edmond Mar09 1063

Ryan just returned from a mission to the Phillipines. This day was the first warm day of the year. I was soooo hot and mentioned how the first warm day always feels so much hotter then the same temperature day later in the year. He was so pleased with the cool relatively unhumid days.
Edmond Mar09 1020

This was the coolest spot with all the great roots here.
Edmond Mar09 1017

Pretty girls and umbrella's should always be photographed together.
Edmond Mar09 1073

Edmond Mar09 1021

Edmond Mar09 1023

Edmond Mar09 1012

Her hair blowing in the wind was too cute.
Edmond Mar09 1026

Another really happy baby. There have been so many happy baby shoots lately I'm getting spoiled.
Edmond Mar09 1034

I love this shot. This is probably Marie's last baby so she especially wanted to get a few shots snuggling with her baby. Having Becca in the background of one was just a bonus.
Edmond Mar09 1095

Edmond Mar09 1067

Edmond Mar09 1003


Lisa and company April 7, 2009 at 8:26 PM  

The the "family tree"
I also love the picture of Johnny and Marie holding baby Jacob in the air.
Great job as usual!

Fresh Mommy April 12, 2009 at 3:50 PM  

Great shots and what a fun, cute family!! Wow, lots of kiddos, but it sure makes life fun! Great job!



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