Thursday, March 11, 2010

Back from Vacation & ready to go!

Can the breeze have picked her hair up any more perfectly.  Love this image.
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I'll start off with an update on the session availability for the next few months.
There are spots available for newborns not listed since we don't always know when they will be born.  Please set up your tentative date ASAP, though as I do have a limited number of sessions I do per month.  


5-10th one spot
20-24th two spots
26th-May 1st  one spot

May 1st one spot
May 3-8th two spots
May 10-15th two spots
May 31st two spots

May 31-June 5th two spots
7-13th one spot
14-19th three spots
21-26th three spots
28-July 3rd two spots

Please schedule your appointment soon if you would like pictures in the next few months.  I will be holding a Senior Session special for all upcoming 2011 seniors in June which may book up rather quickly.

Three years ago I found out I was pregnant with twins.  Around the country there were other women finding out they were due with twins at the same time.  A nice little group of us found each other online.  We started out in a public forum, then created our own private group, and now we are all Facebook friends with our own group on there.  Even though most of us haven't met in person I feel like we are old friends.  Mary is one of my fellow twin moms.

She won the consolation contest prize I decided to give instead of the big one when we didn't reach our new Facebook Fan page goal.  As of today, most of the old S & G Photography fans have still not switched over to the new fan page.  Just like the old fan page I'm sure the membership with increase steadily over time.  In only 7 months we reached over 300 fans on the old fan page!  OK, so I just went and checked how many fans are on the new fan page & we got over 100 new fans in the last two weeks!!!  Amazing!  I love you guys.

So, I digressed.  I assumed Mary would be getting a fine art print sent to her with her winner credit since she doesn't live by me (no one in our group does).  She happened to mention on Wednesday before the Saturday we left on our cruise that she really wished we could do a family session.  Out of curiosity I looked on her Facebook profile to see where she lived.  Talk about timing, they live in Miami!  Our cruise was out of Miami & we had extra time between arriving & our flight home.  

Meeting Mary & her family in person was like seeing your favorite childhood friend again after being apart for years.  Though we don't really know each other super well, we were instantly comfortable & gabbing away {OK, I was gabbing away}.   The two shots in this post are a sneak peak from their session.  Enjoy.

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Heidi March 12, 2010 at 12:40 PM  

came across your site through the photographer cafe. Your photos are beautiful!

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