Saturday, August 1, 2009

Suggestions for your shoot

Here are some suggestions I've jotted down whenever I think of them. It's a bit of information overkill, but lots of people {me} like it to have too much information! Enjoy. Let me know if you have additional suggestions by commenting on this post. We'd love to hear yours.

Sunglass wearers – It’s best not wear your sunglasses for up to two days prior to the shoot. This will help you not squint as much. Try not to squint when going without your sunglasses. If your glasses have transitions lenses consider wearing an older pair of glasses for the shoot. The transitions lenses will be dark in almost all lighting conditions we use.

Timeliness: Plan plenty of time to get ready, eat and travel to your photo shoot. Early is better then late. Because we are using natural light your appointment is set to optimize the light for your photo shoot. If you have never been to the location of your shoot try traveling there prior to the day of your shoot to time the drive and make sure your directions are correct. Getting lost by relying on mapping programs or not so clear verbal directions is very common. Think about potential traffic issues such as rush hour when timing your arrival.

Smiles: For those with smile troubles – If you do not like your smile or your child is stuck with a ‘cheese’ pasted on smile it is a good idea to do some mirror time prior to your session. By talking to yourself/child while looking in the mirror and thinking/saying things that make you smile naturally you will see that you have a great smile. If you are worried about yellow teeth or some discoloration I can help you with that in the editing process.


Stay away from white for outdoor shoots

Layers add great visual interest and texture to your outfit – Many popular online retailers have sample outfits which work well for photos. I love (they have an entire kids outfit gallery). Try going to your favorite retail store online for ideas you may just have in your closets already!

Clothes that fit – baggy clothes add weight and volume; tight clothes add rolls and lumps

Sheer outer shirts are rarely flattering

Move around in your clothes in front of a mirror to make sure you are comfortable with the fit

Ladies – a well fitted bra is key – too tight and you can see every bra mark and it creates lumps, too loose or thin and you get headlights or saggy sisters

Young children & babies:

Practice talking to your baby from a distance to get smiles and looks. The camera is often at least 4 feet away from the baby.

Plan ahead for well timed meals

Bring snacks but no candy or Cheerios

BRIBES do not work! They never have and they never will.

Have more then one outfit in case the primary outfit is ruined

Changes of clothes are welcome, but depending on how they do we may not use them

Talk to the kids about what to expect. We will get to know each other if they are not familiar with me. We will walk to different locations, try different things, sit, stand, climb, run, and walk, make serious faces, try funny faces, laugh and smile.

Smiles generally come naturally during your session. Try not to worry if you don’t see them right away.

Bring drinks for outdoor shoots. It is recommended you only have drinks in re-sealable containers such as a bottle of water, sippy cup or bottle.


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