Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Thanks for a great weekend!

The art sale was a great experience on Saturday. Pretty soon I will post a link to the Fine Art shots I have for sale. You can order what you want directly from the site. If you want a particular shot digitally matted email me directly. It is an inexpensive way for you to get a really cool look to your print. Because each digital mat is only good for a specific print size I need to create it especially for you.

Here is a price list for me to create a custom digital mat for your print. This price list also applies to family photos as well.

Number of colors Largest print dimension Cost
1 color 5 to 7 inches $ 3.00
1 color All larger sizes $ 5.00
2 color 5 to 7 inches $ 5.00
2 color All larger sizes $ 8.00
3 color 5 to 7 inches $ 7.00
3 color All larger sizes $11.00

If you are visiting here from the show it was a pleasure meeting you on Saturday. I will be emailing everyone who gave me their information when we return from vacation on June 20th. I am receiving email on my vacation if you would like to set up an appointment and/or have any questions.

Pretty soon I will have some more senior pictures, newborn shots, a little baby and some of our own family pictures we took yesterday. Oh wait, did I say I was on vacation or working while visiting family? It's definitely a little more of the latter.

Here's a shot of my cute girl from last week.
Us May09 2031


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