Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Some Tori pics!

First, here is a teaser of Marci's senior photos. I'm looking forward to editing these today or tomorrow! She is so adorable. This will also be the last post with this photo format. I'm working on these really cool storyboards for posting photos on the blog.

Witkamp Jun09 1415

My friend came to visit me the other day and brought her lovely daughter, Tori. We had a great time taking some fun photos of her. She wasn't super fond of the tub full of bubbles, but she did just fine. Tori also had the hiccups the entire time we were shooting her. Aleesha took all of the photos home to edit herself, but I couldn't resist editing a few and sharing! It's a good thing Aleesha doesn't mind.

Bake June09 1024

I love her big eyes and poofy lips.
Bake June09 1046

LOL. This one cracks me up!
Bake June09 1050

Bake June09 1056

I may have made this newborn cocoon way to big, but it sure fit a three month old well. Who knew you could get a three month old to sleep for some shots! LOVE THEM.
Bake June09 1085

And is any baby session complete without a foot shot?
Bake June09 1094

Aleesha says she is just as sweet as this photos makes her look.
Bake June09 1102

This gorgeous ring was way to tempting not to take a few shots with it.
Bake June09 1106

Another ring shot. Not sure which one I like better.
Bake June09 1111

Super sweet sleeper!
Bake June09 1117

Here are some of our recent family photos and a sneak peak at how the new photos will be displayed on the blog. The wonderful Aleesha took these for us! THANKS!!!!! We love them. I especially love all the candid moments where we aren't looking at the camera and the natural looks on the babies faces throughout. There are about 70 more awesome shots!
WH blog post June 15 09


Aleta June 20, 2009 at 7:29 PM  

I absolutely LOVE the baby pictures! And you have a lovely family.

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