Thursday, May 7, 2009

Gus Gus and family

I love saying Gus Gus! Do you remember the cartoon movie he's in?

We'll start with my favorite three shots from the shoot.
Lloyd Apr09 1039

Lloyd Apr09 1040

Lloyd Apr09 1041

A nice family scene all dreamy and green.
Lloyd Apr09 1035

It's funny sometimes when I use a spot from a former session, sometimes there is guilt like I'm not being fresh enough. But I love this spot!
Lloyd Apr09 1002

How perfect Gus looked back at me.
Lloyd Apr09 1050

Peek around mommy and daddy.
Lloyd Apr09 1026

Gus Gus
Lloyd Apr09 1066

I like this shot
Lloyd Apr09 1029

This is how low the sun was at the start of our shoot. We were racing against time the whole shoot.
Lloyd Apr09 1008

Grandma and grandpa showed up at the end for a few shots. You can see the love in this shot!
Lloyd Apr09 1061

Grandpa is all about trains making this a fab shot for the family.
Lloyd Apr09 1064


Fresh Mommy May 9, 2009 at 9:01 PM  

These are gorgeous.. great job!! And I love those first three as well!!


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