Thursday, April 16, 2009

Love me some new baby

I love taking new born photos. In fact it is my baby gift of choice to my friends. What better gift then one that will last for generations? This cutie belongs to my friend Melissa. She looks just like her big brother in profile and a lot like him from the front view. Recently I've been inspired by some sleeping baby photos on a Flikr group I belong to and cannot wait to try them out on the next newborn shoot! There is even a new snuggly crochet baby cocoon just itching to be used. There are no patterns for these anywhere so I had to pull the dumb thing out twice after it was halfway made. It may still be a little big. Newborns are definitely the cutest sound sound asleep! As soon as I show the other newborn shoot to her mom I'll share some more newborn photos with you.

Sweet Rylee with her mama
Burmeister Apr09 1004

It seems like most feet shots are the same until I start looking at them all at once. This one I'm really happy with.
Burmeister Apr09 1009

She has a very mature looking face. A lot of newborns do, becaue they have little fat and wrinkles like a mature person.
Burmeister Apr09 1013

The posing on this shot is similar to some I have been inspired by recently with sleeping babies.
Burmeister Apr09 1021

New baby skin showing all the viens is sooo cool to me.
Burmeister Apr09 1049

Eye Eye captain! lol Melissa loved this onsie with the heart on it.
Burmeister Apr09 1063

Having the camera ready even when getting ready for a different shot pays off quite a bit. I was just about to move some props around standing right over the baby when Melissa stuck her hand in to sooth her. LOVE the result.
Burmeister Apr09 1077

Too cute.
Burmeister Apr09 1084

Grandma (great grandma to Rylee) moved in with them before Rylee came, and the whole family is loving the multi generational experience.
Burmeister Apr09 1089


Jessie April 17, 2009 at 10:01 PM  

It's been fun finding so many other photographers out there!

Thanks for taking the time to enter in my photography give away!


Beth April 20, 2009 at 11:03 PM  

Wow these are just breathtaking. I am really excited for you that you can capture such a great photo.

Thanks btw for stopping in to enter my giveaway at Interviews With Friends.

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