Monday, May 3, 2010

The lovely weather continues

The weather has been nice to us lately.  There have been so many days we've been able to have the windows open all day.  Sometimes I wish it was 70 all year round, but then I would miss the hot & cold. Hmmm, maybe not that much.  :-)  

Check out these adorable twin girls!  They are three month old cuties who smiled just enough for us.  I can't wait to share all the great images including a few of big brother.  

We moved the shoot from the late afternoon to this morning, because the weather reports looked horrible for today.  Then we had no rain.  Guy is still sitting here all upset about the lack of rain.  He loves a good rain as much as I do!  
LI Blog May03 10 4

Extended families are a blast to shoot.  This group is one of the smaller extended families I've had in front of the camera.  We got some interesting urban shots then headed to Historic Oak View Park for some green shots.  I love this shot with the pinky warm light of the setting sun on their faces.  Cute little Cole is out for the count in his mama's arms.  
LI Blog May03 10 2

Here he is wide awake during the urban part of our shoot.  Everyone was a blast to work with.  There is just something wonderful about a red door.  It went so well with the blues.
LI Blog May03 10 3

When we moved to Raleigh from Phoenix I met our neighbor Michelle. We ended up doing a photo shoot with her two boys the next day as a surprise for her husband who loves UNC!  They have had an image of the boys at the UNC well hanging above their fireplace ever since.  About 5 photo shoots later it was time to head to UNC again for an updated image including all three boys.  I have loved getting to know them and Tim is a fantastic dentist.  Definitely consider him if you are needing a dentist in the Garner {40/42} area.  

I am super in love with this image and think they will be too.  These boys are ALL boys.  They have tons of energy and love each other so much.  In fact, when we met at their house before the shoot, I found out they often have sleepovers with each other by making a pallet on the floor in the living room.  How cute is that?!!
LI Blog May03 10 1


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