Thursday, December 10, 2009

A little about us

Last week we went to DC. Guy is from Melbourne Australia. Most of his immediate family lives in the states except for two sisters. With an adorable dog named Bailey depending on her at home his sister Leanne hasn't been to visit for about 9 years. Guy's parents are staying with her for 6 months which has given her the opportunity to come out for a visit.
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We met up with Leanne in our nations capital to show her around then bring her back to Raleigh with us. Our hotel was in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia. The shot on the left is our baby girl, Madison, trying to open a door {one of her favorite things}. The shot on the right is Guy with our baby boy, Blake.
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Madison & I. She loves to make faces and funny expressions then grins with satisfaction at her accomplishment of entertaining us.
SG Dec10 09 2

A little DC personality here. One of these days I'll buy a cool old school cruising bike. That is unless some kind soul has one in their garage that never gets used & would like it to go to a good home.
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I love the frozen rocks the kids were throwing into the river. Blake is definitely showing signs of good coordination & skill. Maybe I'll have my little volleyball player yet. The kids took to taking the train like they have ridden them a ton of times. It was comical. They didn't need to be in our laps & both wanted to walk around while it was movin & shakin. Giving them some apples got them to sit for part of the ride.
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The shops around Old Town were all so interesting & had a ton of different textures & colors. It definitely reaffirmed my desire to have a downtown space someday. Something with large windows & maybe a cool garage door to let in plenty of light for shoots. Being able to create a home upstairs would be the cats meow! Both shots of my kids here are my absolute favorite!
SG Dec10 09 5

There were tons of cobblestone streets and alleys. While I was out taking this shot, Guy was driving around the block with the kids. They found a fabulously bumpy cobblestone road to go over each go around. He went down the street one more time so Leanne {who was buying a sweet Washington DC jacket} & I could experience their delight. They said, "Ready. Set. GO!!!" right along with Guy as he turned onto the street. Then they giggled wildly as we all bumped along 4x4 style.
SG Dec10 09 7

The NY Deli shot just above this text made me Hungry! I imagined a great bagel with real eggs, bacon & provolone cheese. Yum! We passed it though. Bummer. A block later Leanne said she wanted to buy a drink as we passed a convenience store. Well, said store had a deli in it. Guy and Leanne got a grilled cheese & bacon sandwich & I got a bagel that tasted just as good as the NY Deli bagel I imagined. Right on, Leanne.

I love the moss on this brick wall. I imagine in the summer this vine has some beautiful leaves adding additional dimension and beauty to the wall. Old Town Alexandria is beautiful as is The Lorien Hotel we stayed in. Both are highly recommended.
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Gabrielle Mappone December 18, 2009 at 3:07 PM  

Beautiful shots of your family and of our nation's capitol! Inspiring as always!

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