Friday, December 25, 2009

Home shoot

Merry Christmas!!! I hope your Christmas has been as fabulous as mine! Having kids really does make one appreciate all the wonderful things Christmas is and brings to families. Seeing their joy and appreciation of the gifts and experiencing the sweet family bonding time has really added a satisfying dimension to my life. The Christmas tree will be packed up soon, but the memories & pictures will allow us to savor it for much longer. Next year the kids will be 2 1/2. They will likely know who Santa is & be anticipating the big day. This year they woke up to find a bunch of new things including two shinny red matching tricycles. They hopped on those first & their excitement only grew as the box of torn wrapping paper filled up.

Love & family are what this next session was all about.

The lovey shots were all spontaneous as the session was originally just her and her boys. I'm so glad we decided to do some shots of these two! They look great together, and I really think they compliment each others personalities well.
SG Dec22 09 1

I met a girl when I first moved here who has become one of my best friends. This session is of her brothers and their mom. It's been about 3 years since I photographed the boys with their sister & her son. They have certainly grown since then.
SG Dec22 09 2

SG Dec22 09 3

Her favorite shot of the whole shoot is the one on the right. They were caught in a genuine moment of closeness and laughter. Her mom was diagnosed with cancer recently. These shots are for her to have family close by even if they cannot be physically there.
SG Dec22 09 4

Having a shoot at home is so cool. Our home is an important thing to document along with us as we travel through life. The dog was also a spontaneous add into the shoot. They definitely loved having her in the shots as well.
SG Dec22 09 5

What's better then a hip mom and brothers? Not much.
SG Dec22 09 6

These last two shots are my favorites of this session. Love them.
SG Dec22 09 7


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