Saturday, November 7, 2009

Let the fun begin

It's time to share some pictures from all my sittings in October! There are so many to share. I think I have a sampling ready from all of them. If yours was missed just let me know!

You may remember these guys from baby Grace's newborn shots a couple months ago. She is getting so big already and is very sweet. Everyone is just in Love with her. We had a great time at the farm where Maddy takes riding lessons.
SG Nov5 09 7

SG Nov5 09 2

This daddy daughter moment is one of my current favorite shots!
SG Nov5 09 3

SG Nov5 09 4

I bet this is a shot the girls will look back on when they are older with great fondness.
SG Nov5 09 5

SG Nov5 09 6

Can we say family of gorgeous peeps? The last time I shot at this location it was really bright and sunny. How fun to be able to get a different feel for a familiar location. Most of the time I like going to different places all the time. It's just more fun for me that way. :-)
SG Nov6 09 3

SG Nov6 09 1

SG Nov6 09 4

SG Nov6 09 2

SG Nov6 09 5

We picked just the right time for our shoot too. They even turned on the water wheel for a tour coming through the mill. Lucky us.
SG Nov6 09 7

If you are a Facebook fan there is an even better version of this picture for you to see. Though I love this one too. With the new way Facebook is managing the Home page feed it is only giving the feed for people and pages you interact with {like comments on photos or walls}. Please feel free to leave comments on the wall or your favorite photos to see our updates!
SG Nov6 09 6

This picture is my favorite from their shoot. They all look so happy and natural.
SG Nov6 09 8


HeavyD November 12, 2009 at 12:59 PM  

I love this shot! - Kim

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