Friday, November 27, 2009

I love Photography

There are so many reasons I love photography. Probably the one I love the most is making memories. How many times have you seen a photograph & been able to remember a moment of your life with great clarity? Our own brains are fantastic, but a picture can help us to recall so many details that would probably otherwise remain buried. Ah, photography is cool.

I have been impressed with this particular senior since meeting her at church a few years ago. She is always upbeat & obviously adores her family. She had a lot of fun picking out her senior shoot outfits & did not forget the shoes!
SG Nov7 09 6

She even brought along two traditional outfits. Loved it!
SG Nov7 09 7

What girl doesn't love shopping? The background on the right really looks like she could be in the Peruvian mountains.
SG Nov7 09 8

We have a huge beach umbrella I almost brought along to the session. It turns out great minds think alike since she used the session as an excuse to buy this cool umbrella.
SG Nov7 09 9

SG Nov7 09 11

The birthday girls arrived for their session again this year. Last year it was a newborn and 2nd birthday session.
SG Nov7 09 2

Getting two kiddos this age to be in a picture together is generally a fleeting moment. It's so rewarding when we get both the cuteness and the real essence of who each of them is.
SG Nov7 09 1

The tongue indicates pure joy! The classic look down smile is so adorable.
SG Nov7 09 3

SG Nov7 09 4

What I wouldn't give to have a photo like this of me and my mother. The girls were totally digging their balloons.
SG Nov7 09 5

My cousin, Steve, and his amazing family. We definitely copy some of the cool parenting styling of these two amazing people.
SG Nov6 09 16

I think an idea similar to this came to me about 15 years ago. lol It's the first time I've tried it. I think it would be cool with a family of teens & parents linking arms completely trusting each other as they fan out.
SG Nov6 09 15

Guy teases me a lot, because I often make my most favorite shots B&W. He says it's a dead giveaway which are my favorite.
SG Nov6 09 14

I'd used this spot in Scottsdale, AZ many years ago. It surprised me how many photographers I saw there for the two photo sessions we did there on our trip. It's a cool spot, but really there were soooo many there. Back in the day I never saw another photographer there.
SG Nov6 09 13

All three girls are really athletic. The little one just broke a limb this last week falling off their trampoline {with a sewed on net!}. Hopefully she heals quickly.
SG Nov6 09 12

Their blue eyes are amazing!
SG Nov6 09 11

Did I mention athletic? It only took two attempts to get all three with synchronized hand stands.
SG Nov6 09 10

For the middle girl I asked her to tell me she loved dad while he was standing next to me. We got the most amazing soft smile, and I guarantee he will think of that moment every time he sees the photo. Love is an amazing thing. The love for ones children especially as we have moments with them is especially humbling & gratifying.
SG Nov6 09 9


Fresh Mommy December 6, 2009 at 11:22 AM  

These are wonderful!!! I love that little girl sticking out her tongue!! And you find some amazing locations!!! Those LOVE letter rock!!

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