Sunday, September 28, 2008

The girls

Some of the girls from church came over to learn a bit about photography. We took a few shots and sat down at the computer where I worked on a few showing them what they could do with the free photo editing program, Gimp. The only problem is that I use Photoshop CS3 to do all my work and this was the first time I looked at the Gimp program Guy downloaded while we took the photos. lol They were able to get the general idea, but I offered them a chance to come over sometime on their own to learn more.

Below are the one shot of each I edited for them. They were emailed a link to pick up their other shots off my Picasa account to play with themselves. Each shot is edited a bit differently to show what can be done. All of the shots were edited for color and contrast.

The braces were removed in this one and some dramatic enhancement of her eyes.

Only the eyes and jacket are in color in this one. I also aged the color of the jacket so it did not become the center of attention.

Dramatic eyes & very minor skin adjustment. Most people do not look good with a not pointed down making this shot a very pleasant surprise.

A scattered group photo showing a sample posing of a group.

This is one was given half color, a vignette and some darkening of the shirt below the chest.

Black & White with a little shirt darkening and eyes.

The group shot with saturated color and a vignette.


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